Sharon Peoples

Where I work

I work in a studio build in my garden at home. During the autumn I have been watching black currawongs and crimson rosellas eat the orange persimmons on the tree outside my door.

What inspired my work

My garden has been the source of much of my recent work. This particular body of work reflects the fragility of our environment.

How I made it

I machine embroider on a soluble fabric. I wash the work after stitching – and hope that everything is connected – then pin it out on a horizontal board to dry. This give a lace-like quality to the work.

What I am working on

These gardening gloves are part of a larger series that will be ready for hopefully a physical exhibition in September 2020.

About me

I have worked as an artist in Canberra for over 20 years, exhibiting nationally and internationally as well as taking on commissioned work. My art practice focuses on both hand and machine embroidery. In recent years I have been exploring birds and their relationship to suburban gardens, and have done this through portraits: the inner secret garden, artists’ gardens and gardens of the imagination. Fragility of both the environment and the human condition is reflected in the medium: oscillating between hand and machine embroidery to examine this state.


Instagram: @peopsh,

Facebook: sharon.peoples.12